Top Ten Google AdWords Keywords Quality Score Tips

Google AdWords Quality Score Tips

Google AdWords Quality Score Tips

  1. Geo targeted campaign to specific city.
  2. Use one exact matched and one phrase matched keyword per ad group.
  3. Use the keyword in ad title, text & display URL.
  4. Use different CaPitaLIzaTion
  5. Link the ad to a Landing Page that contains that keyword in the head and body.
  6. Increase your CTR.
  7. Look into the speed of your landing page.
  8. Create best performing ads.
  9. Change your Call-to-Action.
  10. Include the city’s name in your ad.
  11. Duplicate the keywords you already have and add the city’s name to them.
  12. Try to write ads that are different from your competitors’ ones.
  13. Generate a search query report (daily or weekly) and see if you could add some negative keywords…
  14. Include the target keyword in your meta tags and body of the landing page

We’ve seen advertisers who are doing everything right, but because their industry was/is plagued by shady affiliates or advertisers who’ve done a sloppy job with their campaigns, they struggle to get a decent quality score. And even when they do, the minimum first page bids are sometimes quite high.
A solid CTR is the main factor in getting a good quality score so watch out for any keywords that are accumulating a high volume of impressions with a low CTR. Over time these keywords will erode your quality score.
You might want to experiment with some broad match keywords as long as you can maintain a solid CTR – aim for at least your campaign’s average or better. This could help you discover some high value, high CTR keyword variations that you can add as phrase or exact matches (Just try to avoid one word broad match or keyword variation that are too generic because they may generate a high volume of impressions with a lower CTR).

– Exact match keywords will always have a higher Quality Score than broad match keywords.
– To improve your Quality Score, you need to improve your conversion rate.
– Higher Quality Scores result from higher bids at the initial launch of your campaign.